On Captions

An article on the Mennonite Church USA website from Oct. 10 summarizes the recent Constituency Leaders Council (CLC) meeting, the following photo with caption appears:

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 3.49.37 PMThe main conversation in the CLC meeting was about–surprise–homosexuality and inclusion of gays. Also, Monarchs are an endangered species. Also, as a theologian and poet, I’m invested in accurate metaphors. So I’ve re-captioned the photo: Continue reading

Mulberries, Monarchs, and Evanescent Hope

What do any of us know about mulberries?, I fumed. We can’t tell a mulberry from a serviceberry. It wasn’t about the mulberries, really. Of course it was. But it was also about hopelessness.

The joy and danger of my work is that I traffic in the good. Not in the way that when I worked at an ice cream shop, I trafficked in the good, scooping cones slightly larger than the 4 oz. regulation size. I traffic in the Moral Good; every aspect of my work translates to the larger philosophical task of Pursuing the Good. And today, I was tired. Of doing good. Of the long, long time and many, many committee meetings it takes to accomplish anything in church. Of the pettiness of human nature and our inability to transcendently love each other. Of our constantly falling short of the Glory of God. Continue reading