Dear American Youth Pastor: Oh, that means me

When I started this blog, I promised myself I wouldn’t make GLBT issues the focus of the blog. For two reasons, primarily. First, my congregation has divergent views about sexuality and we’ve agreed our individual perspective on gay Christians is not the defining tenant of our belief (try, umm, faith in Jesus Christ or forgiveness of sins?). And secondly, I try not to imitateĀ  people who are more articulate than I am, and there are plenty of really excellent Anabaptists blogs covering sexuality in the church: Joanna Harader, Rachel Halder, Joel Miller, and Pink Menno, to name just a few.

BUT. But the promises we make and the conversations we can’t not respond to. Button Poetry released a video three days ago called “Dear American Youth Pastor,” a poem by Chad Michael It already has almost 11,000 views. Continue reading