The Difference Between Laquan McDonald and Tyshawn Lee

The more I see Laquan McDonald’s shooting in the headlines, the more concern I hear about gang violence. What about the brutal murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee?, people ask.  Why aren’t protesters confronting gangs on the Southside of Chicago? Why don’t black people show more concern for black-on-black crime? Continue reading

Injustice Requires Interruption–why Protestors needed to be on Michigan Ave

“Some of the most important moments in your ministry will happen in the interruptions,” a professor told me while I was in my first week of seminary. As I walked down Michigan Ave, speeding to keep up with the 15-year-old from my church, I wished I could say this to the shoppers around me.

Today, let yourself be interrupted. By God, let yourself be interrupted. I understand white Christians who are reluctant to take to the streets in protest–but I do not understand white Christians who justify the police’s murder of Laquan McDonald and find black anger “disruptive.” Injustice should be disruptive. Continue reading