The Bible: 40 Books in 40 Days

At the beginning of Lent, I set out to read 40 books of the Bible in 40 days. It was actually 42 books (because I’m an overachiever, I added Ezra and Amos) in 46 days (because I’m a pragmatist and because Lent is longer than you think it is).

It sounds impressive, I suppose, to read 42 books (roughly 63% of the Bible) in a month and a half. And I can be an obsessively disciplined person–but having completed it, in retrospect, it doesn’t seem that impressive. I don’t think people realize how many short books are in the Bible. At least a quarter of them–probably more–took under 10 minutes to read. I read with my morning tea; on train rides into Chicago; in the car, roadtripping to Michigan (that was difficult). Having a travel-sized Bible helps. Three or four times with the gospels I took advantage of my job and read the Bible at church, and that helped, too. But I skipped over some shorter books (Nehemiah, 2 Corinthians, the aforementioned Ezra and Amos) in favor of the gospels, so it’s certainly do-able if you want the shortest of the short books. All that to say‚Ķ it’s a do-able Lenten practice that I encourage others to pick up. Continue reading