What’s with the Grapes?

I love communion. I was delighted to learn that my first pastorate was in a congregation that took communion once a month (more often than many Mennonite churches). But there is one question I’ve struggled with since I was child, taking my Wheat Thins™ and seedless grapes from the pastor: What’s with the grapes? Why, in so many low church Protestant traditions, do we feel the urge to serve our children Jesus Lite (trademark pending)?

I searched the Scriptures. I studied them for seven years, earned two degrees, and have yet to find where Jesus said,

Let the children come to me, and eat grapes, for I am the bread of life but children haven’t learned how to digest gluten yet.”

There’s no biblical justification for a two-tiered, merit-based communion. Continue reading

Alcohol in the Life of Faith

There’s an old joke that goes like this:

What happens when you take a Mennonite fishing?
He drinks all of your beer.

What happens when you take two Mennonites fishing?
They don’t drink any of your beer.

I’ve heard variations on this, too, substituting in Baptists, Methodists, etc. This joke, when you think about it, is very problematic. Continue reading