Jesus is confusing. And there are a lot of people on the internet who are smarter than I am and I spend a lot of time reading their analysis. These are people and organizations who can provide resources from queer theology to multicultural worship to healing from sexual abuse. In a more-or-less alphabetical order…

Christena Cleveland. Social psychologist and professor, Cleveland writes about racism, reconciliation, and the joys and pitfalls of creating multicultural churches.

Christian Peacemaker Teams. An Anabaptist-oriented ecumenical, international non-profit that places North Americans and Europeans in high-conflict zones as witnesses and activists to accompany communities suffering from violence funded by the global north. They also do some domestic activism.

Columbus Mennonite. Joel Miller, along with other staff and members at Columbus Mennonite, offer short reflections about their principles of biblical interpretation; theology of inclusion; and engagement with the surrounding community.

Drew Hart. A neo-Anabaptist voice from Philly who coined the term Anablacktivism, to denote the intersection of Anabaptist theology, black identity, and activist ethics.

First Church Boston. A collection of sermons from the Unitarian congregation at First Church Boston; I regularly listen to Sam Teitel’s sermon, who is a dear friend and Unitarian slam poet seminary student.

Geez Magazine. A quarterly Anabaptist-inspired Canadian publication with the tagline “contemplative cultural resistance.” Themed issues include Animal Rights, Happiness, Disability and Ableism, and Worship and Anarchy.

Hannah Heinzeker. Covering themes of motherhood, justice, peace, feminism, and ethics in the Mennonite Church.

Lectionary @ Vanderbilt. Where I go to map the lectionary, learn what next week’s texts are, and generally collect resources about the lectionary.

Megan Florian. After attending Divinity School and becoming a Mennonite in her 20’s, Florian writes book reviews, feminism, justice, and being a new Mennonite.

Mud Pie God. Run by pastor of Albany Mennonite Church (OR), Meghan Good writes about biblical interpretation and sermon-writing resources.

MennoNerds. A conglomerate of nerdy and pun-filled posts covering systematic theology, ecclesiology, spirituality, creation care, evangelism, ethics, history, and other MennoNerdy things from a variety of perspectives.

Mennonite World Review. Establishment news source about Anabaptist life around the world. A good place to start if you’re trying to catch up on current Mennonite events.

Our Stories Untold. Rachel Halder’s vision of creating a site to address sexual abuse, trauma, and healing in the Mennonite Church.

Pink Menno. Full of LGBTQ Mennonite theology and news about LGBTQ issues in MC USA.

Rachel Held Evans. A mainline Protestant in the Bible Belt writing about inclusion, feminism, sacramental theology, and other fun stuff.

Showing Up for Racial Justice. A national network of allies that offers information on local gatherings and resources on police brutality, immigration, and queer rights struggles.

Spacious Faith. Mennonite pastor Joanna Harader doing biblical interpretation, motherhood, arguing with institutional leadership, and whatever else she does.

St. Louis Mennonite Blog. Biblical reflection from a Mennonite pastor and member of the MC USA Executive Board.

Textweek. A helpful collection of lectionary texts and resources; provides articles and scriptures on each text and allows you to search the lectionary by books of the Bible.

Topology. The online magazine of place and art is a reinvention of catapult, sponsored by *culture is not optional in Three Rivers, Michigan.

Watershed Discipleship. A somewhat Anabaptist group who understand our time as a watershed moment in our relationship with creation and who promote a new orientation toward the places where we live.

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