Day #3: Community

One of them struck the high priest’s servant, cutting off his right ear. 51 Jesus responded, “Stop! No more of this!” He touched the slave’s ear and healed him.
-Luke 22:50-51

Okay, I promised one verse per day, but it’s Day 3 and I’m already sneaking in an extra verse. But in this case, you can’t have one verse without the other. The way you can’t have resilience without community. In the U.S., we prize independence and rugged individualism–only to find these national treasures are a recipe for social isolation and invulnerability. No one can do resilience alone. Resilience is the skill to maintain relationships when times get tough. We need community. We need people to catch us when we begin to lash out at the world, to walk us back into kindness. Jesus reminds his friend that vengeance is not resilience. And then Jesus heals the damage done, calling both the injured party and the injurer back into healing relationship with each other.

Takeaway: Whose ear have you tried to cut off? And who was there to put the ear back together when you were too angry to repair it? Reach out to one of the folks who has helped you repair damage, in yourself or in a relationship with someone else. Share some love with them today. Root into your community and connect with someone who nurtures your resilience.

Gathering the Stones is providing 40 days of reflecting on resilience during Lent. Check back for new reflections every day (except Sundays).

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